Get the right players in the right places
Give them the right goals, tools and connections
PowerUP their impact

Are you prepared to scale your entrepreneurial venture?

No entrepreneur plans a down round – because the enterprise failed to achieve its revenue goals or development milestones. And, certainly, no investor is happy when execution problems undermine wealth-creation.

65% of the execution risks can be mitigated by putting the right talent in the right positions to achieve aggressive growth plans – and equipping them with the right systems and tools to co-ordinate their efforts. That’s where we come in – with a Human Capital analysis that compares what has to do done with the talent you’ve written into your business plan and with tools that equip you to manage your build-out and scale-up.

Courage can tell you how to build an enterprise that is architected to PowerUP growth with:

  • Key hires who have the skills and experience to hit the ground running – and the coachability and agility to learn fast and improvise for unprecedented breakthroughs

  • Founders who keep their control needs and egos in check – and who build trust when they need diverse perspectives who will challenge them rather than like-minded friends and family members in their inner circle

  • Dealmakers who can succeed as hunters and growth-drivers, not farmers and order-takers, and who can make the leap from opportunistic to enterprise-wide account growth

  • Compensation and recruitment plans that make it possible for entrepreneurs to win the war for talent by offering high-potentials the opportunity to make a difference and create wealth

  • Values, principles and a culture that “lives the brand” and the value proposition you wish to establish with buyers, users and strategic partners

  • CRM implementation – and mapping the sales cycle to PowerUP a predictable rather than an opportunistic and coincidental revenue cycle

Are you prepared to lead your board and your corporate portfolio management team – to make your mark, show your potential as a bold intrepreneur, and deliver for your customers, your employees and your investors?

Courage equips you to…

  • Make a strong business case – whether you head a Business Unit with untapped growth potential, or a G&A function like Marketing, HR, QA, Safety, Regulatory, Finance or Supply Chain that can be a profit-driver rather than a cost centre

  • Define KPIs, support contracts and assignments – so you can build accountability to accelerate wealth-creation with the team that reports to you directly and with other parts of your matrix organization, including external partners 

  • Reach out to thought-leaders and experts who will sharpen your thinking, offer fresh perspectives and new ideas, and open the door to new connections

  • Make the most of scrums, strategy sessions and video conferences where you’ve got to get important issues “on the table” and resolve conflicts with a can-do, generative mindset that lifts participants out of defensive trap

  • Bring post-M&A factions and leadership teams together – to integrate key functions and make the most of revenue-producing multipliers and best practices

  • Accelerate the onboarding and assimilation of new leaders whom you recruit into your team – to bring new thinking, new solutions and accelerate wealth-creation

  • Transform your salesforce and revenue-generation systems – to make the most of new value-creation business models and solution-selling strategies

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