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Show up at the top of your game – with a compelling proposition,
a persuasive delivery and the best of your natural personality…

… when you pitch to investors, key accounts, to boards or senior management — or when you mobilize a team to dig in and solve a thorny problem or rally channel partners to lift their game and execute a new go-to-market strategy

We’ll PowerUP your impact with PitchPrep to…

Craft your message – so your value proposition is clear and compelling, unique and remarkable. Gets attention. Wows. And gets remembered.

Then – sharpen your delivery. Turn stage-fright into passion and presence. Make stopping to think look like dramatic emphasis. Use hard questions to build confidence. Draw people in + win credibility, even when you make big claims in a foreign culture.

Upgrade your pitch-deck, stage presence, supporting materials and pull-through to make the most of a 12 minute fast-pitch or an hour-long review board with multiple decision-makers and analysts

• Excite the audience about your value proposition so they “get it” fast

• Connect with your audience so they’re sympathetic and want you to succeed

• Establish your credibility as the thought-leader and expert trustworthy advisor

• Give the right amount of detail not more than they need to know

• Smoke out doubts and invite tough questions so you can address concerns and build confidence

• Design collateral material to deliver a tight coherent message and stand up to Due Diligence

• Close on a call to action and commitment that creates good forward momentum

The Silver PitchPrep Program is FREE if you’re presenting to certain angel investment groups or VCs ($600 USD for others) – and includes a dress rehearsal, pitch-scrub tips to improve your message and online training on connecting with KOLs in the audience and using friends+family to get ready

The Gold PitchPrep Program adds an advanced PitchPrep session, to refine your delivery and presence, conform that your upgrades actually work and a review of your supporting materials (LinkedIn, web presence, exec summaries, product demos) to make sure everything reinforces your credibility and value-proposition (@ $600 USD)

The Platinum PitchPrep Program gets you ready to be funded after your first pitch works. It improves your Due Diligence readiness – so investors, buyers and analysts are more willing to say, “Yes,” when they take a closer and deeper look and validate your growth potential, execution readiness and the assertions you made in your pitch. 

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