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PowerUP – stay out of the Theranos trap

Groupthink.  Maybe we should call it “the Theranos trap” – when a high-power hard-charging visioning true-believer CEO refuses to listen to risk assessments – and assumes her best hopes are validated because high-status marquis-value celebrities who know little about the business are WOW’d by the vision.  Check out this post – and the article from the Washington Post about “the Theranos trap” and the ways you can PowerUP generative can-do problem-solving before your highest hopes hit the wall.

Fortunately, CEOs and Innovation Orchestrators can PowerUP teams to get out of groupthink and face the right issues and make realistic commitments.  We’d love to show you how.


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About the Author:

Merom Klein PhD, business psychologist and serial entrepreneur, wrote the book about Courage to PowerUP Brilliance™ for real innovation. For 30+ years, he's equipped C-level teams to delegate, empower, trust and ennoble their best and brightest stars to Lead from the Middle, accelerate post-merger integration and drive innovation. And he's equipped mid-level leaders to step in, reach out, take charge and seize big new opportunities in matrix structures and cross-functional global innovation, talent management and M&A integration teams.
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