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Pirates Cove – FreshBiz – Budget2Build – fun vivid entrepreneurial thinking simulations equip high-potentials -> assimilate information, get mobilized, set priorities, be capital-efficient, navigate through volatility and uncertainty -> accelerate time-to-market to generate wealth for themselves and their investors

FreshBiz – the exciting Entrepreneurial Leadership simulation in-licensed from Israeli StartUp Nation game designers – takes high-potentials through a fun immersion game-of-life – with action cards, seize-it-or-lose-it business opportunities, initiatives, seed capital, investment risks. Teams manage their careers, biz growth and wealth-creation as they navigate through volatile uncertain conditions with diverse interests and team perspectives. Click for more >>

“Learning comes from experience. Everything else just gives information.”  – Einstein

Pirates Cove – our flagship Innovation Leadership simulation – takes high-potentials through a breathless fast-paced 100-minute decision-making and strategic thinking exercise. Teams face 20 decision-points and maximize their ROI navigating  through volatile market conditions, exacting customer requirements, quality and regulatory scrutiny – after receiving an infusion of seed capital.

“Get learners up and lift their spirits and they’re far more open to new possibilities and new ways of thinking.”

The “What – So what – In what – Now what” action learning formula equips your high-potentials to…

• Replace defensive thinking – groupthink, summit fever, frame blindness and loss aversion – with decisions that drive wealth-creation
• Replace victim thinking with accountability and value-creation
• Take advantage of market and competitive intelligence – to profit from scenario-building and informed calculated risks
• Replace hierarchy dependency with initiative – to thrive in stormy conditions and seize opportunities before they get away
• Use influence and personal impact to create a culture of value-creation

The most serious fun you can have indoors with your team – with vivid lessons that stay encoded in your innovation leaders’ toolkit years later

With FreshBiz, Pirates Cove and our other simulations, you don’t just talk about Courage and Entrepreneurial Thinking – you see and experience how you can build Courage, create your own luck, achieve a 5-6X ROI and replicate that success in real-world VUCA conditions.

CLICK HERE >> For more information about FreshBiz, Pirates Cove and other Entrepreneurial Thinking simulations – and how you can imbed “learn-by-doing” into your Action Learning Leadership Development for your high-potentials


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