See how a vivid simulation – uplifting keynote – panel – X-silo support workshop – or “shape-the-future”goal-setting workshop can PowerUP your next leadership conference

Pirates Cove – our flagship leadership simulation takes your team on an expedition through the Haida Gwaii Islands of British Columbia – to harvest valuable raw materials and PowerUP wealth. In 100 breathless action-packed minutes of learning-through-gameification, your team makes quick decisions – then debriefs to see how they can overcome defensive traps and optimize strategic thinking and X-functional performance.   Pirates Cove – and other simulations – PowerUP groups of 10 to 600 to embrace new opportunities, accountabilities and make better team decisions.

Genie in a Bottle builds on strengths and appreciations while looking forward with straight talk and ennobling colleagues to lift their game and work smarter – faster – leaner for wealth-creation. Lift from frustration to hope and from hope to requests and concrete plans. If silos need to come together in new ways – or get past the defensive traps of old political rivalries –  this future-looking possibility-focused dialogue builds trust and newfound commitments to work together with a matrix of 20-200 or with 2-3 key leaders.

Mobilization Matrix – acceleration thinking to set goals, covenants, accountabilities – with transfer from workshop to workplace with collaboration and PM tools. Start with key enterprise-critical commitments and draw a clear line of sight between your priorities and those imperatives. Then reach out to colleagues and negotiate SMART KPIs — with automatic reminders, with huddles when snags are anticipated, and with customizable thank you! messages and recognition as commitments are met. Use your next retreat to kick off the next big thing in matrix collaboration and accountability.

Courage – the grit, passion, optimism to thrive in adversity. Bring it to life in your enterprise, one uplifting dialogue at a time. For 30 years, we’ve researched why some leaders create their own luck and triumph over adversity. We’ve distilled that research into our 5-Step formula to PowerUP luck – bold innovation – bizdev breakthroughs, even in times of adversity. With brain-teasers, polls, case examples, research evidence, 1:1 breakout micro-coaching and a throw-down-the-gauntlet call-to-action, we can deliver a 30-75 minute keynote that will inspire your leaders to apply the 5-step Courage-building formula to your enterprise-critical team mobilization and account management challenges.

Showcase the StartUp Nation – to show how human spirit and imagination triumph over adversity, how dissatisfaction fuels innovation. The modern era of StartUP Nation starts only 150 years ago – and has accelerated with the millennial generation. Yet, there are thousands of examples of Courage and PowerUP thinking in Israel – from pre-Biblical times. If they can mobilize an entire country with “the hope” and “with grit and desire, we can live the dream” — so can you in the enterprise, a community or project team that you call home. Invite us to bring this success story to you – or join us on an inspiring Innovation Tour through the country.

The Hangul Tech Revolution – profit from the legacy of King Sejong and Queen Soheon. Few outside Korea appreciate the tech revolution that the new King and Queen initiated – with PowerUP Thinking – in the early 14th Century. In less than 10 years, a tidal wave of imagination and innovation lifted Korea from 10% to 95% literacy, disruptive breakthroughs in ag-tech, ed-tech, med-tech and fin-tech, arts and culture. A meritocracy – the Hall of Worthies – replaced feudal orders as a source of status and honour. With Courage to walk the talk of those values, relying on inspiration and logic rather than threats or demands, to unleash creative potential. See what your enterprise can learn from their success.