HAIDA GWAII HUNT is a fun, fast-paced, learn-by-doing simulation that equips teams + leaders to profit from EXPERIENCE.

Leaders race around a game board – online or at a live conference table – trading for spices and treasures in the icy waters of the Haida Gwaii Sound. They get 30 decision-points to navigate dangers and make the most of limited resources. To win, teams have to assimilate information quickly. They have to figure out when to lead and when to follow, when to act and when to wait, when to conserve and when to spend, when to co-operate and when to compete.

At the end of 90 breathless minutes – teams debrief on what they did to optimize wealth and see where they lost time and resources and could have done better. They see how VUCA conditions set the stage for risk-averse traps. And they see how they can Make Courage Contagious to profit from strategic and inventive thinking. Download brochure >>

“Learning comes from experience. Everything else just gives information.”  – Einstein

But real experience is too expensive and too slow. In a Courage simulation, leaders learn to lift teams out of risk-averse traps and PowerUP inventive teamwork in minutes, not days or weeks.

The “What – So what – What if – Now what” action learning formula equips your high-potential leaders + teams to…

• Replace risk-averse traps – groupthink, summit fever, tunnel vision, loss aversion – with decisions that optimize wealth-creation
• Replace victim thinking with take-charge accountability
• Take advantage of market and competitive intelligence – to profit from scenario-building and informed calculated risks
• Replace hierarchy dependency with initiative – to thrive in VUCA conditions and seize opportunities before they get away
• Use influence and personal impact to create a culture of value-creation – even in matrix structures and alliances, with conflicting perspectives

“Make it fun, lift a team’s spirits and they’ll be far more open to new possibilities.”

Courage simulations give your teams 20-120 minutes of fun activity and a celebration of their diversity and potential – followed by insights and AHAs and practical application planning.

The most serious fun you can have indoors with your team – with vivid lessons that stay encoded in your innovation leaders’ toolkit years later

With Haida Gwaii Hunt, Towers Templars + Khanim – or our other hands-on learn-by-doing simulations – your leaders don’t just talk about Courage. They use new thinking and new instincts to lift their EnQ + Make Courage Contagious, create their own luck, achieve a 5-6X ROI and replicate gamified success in real-world VUCA conditions.

CLICK >> Spice up your next leadership course, teambuilding outing, strategy workshop or sales meeting with a vivid fun Courage simulation. Give teams and leaders the antidote to risk-averse traps – with vivid insights, practical skill-building and action plans that JumpStart Inventive Teamwork and accelerate value-creation.