Risk-averse traps are hard-wired into human nature according to research by Israeli Nobel Prize behavioral economists and North American business psychologists. Most of us prefer to see the world through our own lenses, fulfill our self-interests and ignore diverse colleagues who rub us the wrong way. Most of us seek harmony and approval rather than being the nail who sticks out. We prefer business challenges that are sure wins rather than ones that test our Courage.

No wonder so many CEOs and boards complain about a shortage of entrepreneurial initiative and inventive thinking, even when they select high-potential talent for enterprise-critical assignments.

Haida Gwaii Hunt™ equips leaders and teams to break free of risk-averse traps – with a fun adrenaline-pumped vivid strategic thinking simulation.

With hands-on practice, you can teach your teams + leaders to thrive in a VUCA world. So knowable threats don’t end up taking execution teams by surprise. And, so promising opportunities don’t go under-detected, under-explored and under-seized. To give your CEO and your board the entrepreneurial thinking they know they need.

Haida Gwaii Hunt™ is the newest version of our strategic thinking simulation. It’s been used for years to develop entrepreneurial instincts and inventive thinking – by high-potential corporate leaders, high-level military officers, key account teams, executive MBA classes and with transformative post-M+A integration, quality, safety, market access and strategy teams how to rewire risk-averse circuits. It takes participants on a virtual trip to the Haida Gwaii Islands, off the coast of British Columbia – and challenges them to optimize value creation under Volatile Uncertain Complex Adverse (VUCA) conditions.

Click > to download a brief description. Then – let’s talk about how Haida Gwaii Hunt™ can PowerUP entrepreneurial thinking (and break free of risk-averse traps) when you bring a group together for a strategy workshop, a sales meeting, an enterprise transformation or post-M+A planning retreat or high-potential leadership development.


Dr Merom Klein PhD + Dr Louise Yochee Klein PsyD created Haida Gwaii Hunt™ to give high-potential leaders and enterprise-critical teams a vivid fun dramatic way to overcome the 12 risk-averse traps that inhibit inventive thinking and entrepreneurial initiative. They invite you to assess your readiness to lead from the middle with Courage and shape a culture of bolder faster value-creation.