Increase self-awareness. Get more support + traction

Assess potential. See if your top candidates have what it takes

Build growth plans. Groom high-potentials for bigger roles

What you will get from your Courage Leadership Assessment

HIGH-POTENTIAL LEADER > Get new insights about how you handle Volatile Uncertain Complex Adverse (VUCA) conditions, high visibility + diverse conflicting perspectives
INVESTOR > See whether key leaders have the right stuff to drive growth and deliver on their plans and commitments based on hard predictive analytics, not just gut feelings
TALENT MANAGEMENT > Identify high-potentials to groom for bigger broader roles. Build growth plans to awaken and develop their potential
TEAMS > Make diverse personalities, gender + cultural differences a source of high EnQ. Break free of risk-averse traps for initiative + inventive thinking

What’s included in your Courage Leadership Assessment

1. Set the bar. Map the skills, temperament and leadership needed to mobilize support + achieve key results, thrive with VUCA pressures and shape a culture that multiplies success as you take your enterprise to its next growth inflection point

2. Psych profile. Get new insights about your instincts + impact from the Courage EnQ 360, from other EQ + personality tests, behavioral interviews, OCI, team culture profile, customer surveys or your company’s bespoke leadership assessment

3. Growth plan. Look forward. Use insights about your strengths + skill gaps, sensitivities + risk-averse traps. Match talent to job demands. Commit to individual development plans (IDPs) to actualize growth potential + mitigate execution risks. Ready?