7 Unforgettable Webinars, Live Workshops, MOOCs + Practice Activities 

 Equip Enterprise-Critical Teams + High Potential Leaders to
 PowerUP inventive thinking, and replace-averse traps with growth thinking

 Action Learning puts Courage-Building skills to work
 to get traction, get funded, get support + Profit through Turbulence 

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Make Courage Contagious so high-potential teams + leaders:
• Thrive in Volatile Uncertain Complex + Adverse (VUCA) conditions
• Build trust to replace silos with win/win/win solutions
• Embrace accountability to own your power + create your own luck
• Revitalize resilience for can-do initiative + problem-solving
• Broaden diversity + inclusion to profit from diverse perspectives
• Expand influence to get the best ideas heard and used
• Improve co-ordination so hand-offs ensure crisp reliable execution
• Invent solutions to overcome vexing scientific or business hurdles
• Seek critical thinking  to pressure-test promising proposals
• Optimize profits with broad deep business impact awareness
• Make Courage Contagious to lift teams out of risk-averse traps
Deliver enterprise-critical results like 2X faster 
launch-readiness, 20X more cross-line-of-business sales, 30X fewer adverse events + quality exceptions, 10X better engagement, retention + career advancement 

What equips leaders to thrive, grow, profit from cross-functional team assignments, diverse perspectives, bigger broader business initiatives + VUCA pressures – with a Courage webinar/workshop series?
Experience. Fun. Feedback. Hands-on practice. Open dialogue. Self-awareness. Success. And success again, until the EnQ to Make Courage Contagious gets encoded in the team’s reflexes and counters risk-averse traps – to get support, get traction, get funding and get ahead

Your Courage Webinar/Workshop Series includes…
Step 1. Get ready. Define aspirations + outcomes for learners + Sponsors
Step 2. Get set. Prework – insights to bring to the first Courage workshop
Step 3. GO! Seven 75-minute Zoom workshop sessions (or two 1/2-day live workshop sessions) – fun hands-on practice + team problem-solving
Step 4. Self-awareness with EnQ Leadership Assessment
Step 5. Pull-through. Apply lessons, tools, development plans, next steps with peer coaching trios + action learning initiatives
Step 6. Measure results on financial + pre-financial success metrics

Click > Download a Program Description on The Courage Leadership Workshop Series: A proven action learning program to lift the EnQ of key teams + high-potential leaders – with the flexibility to adapt and customize the agenda, so it takes your enterprise on the right growth path. Program elements for your workshop / webinar series could include…

  • Practice activities to sharpen leaders’ diagnosis of team dynamics – so they spot risk-averse traps in the moment and build the Courage that their teams need to replace risk-averse victim thinking with inventive Level 5 teamwork

  • Our Haida Gwaii Hunt treasure-hunt simulation – played online in virtual teams or as a live workshop activity – to show team members how to step up, lead from the middle, sharpen strategic thinking and build the EnQ to lift groups out of risk-averse traps

  • Lead from the middle mobilization map – to own your pivotal role as an orchestrator of Inventive Teamwork to get traction on value-creation – and support to mobilize from Sponsors, Advisors, Connectors, User-Advocates and Executors in your matrix

  • A vivid case study like King Sejong’s/Queen Soheon’s launch of the Hangul alphabet or the US Challenger space shuttle disaster – to show team members how to win support when you challenge old assumptions and entitlements

  • Diversity Dialogues™ – how to bridge personality differences, cultural differences, cross-functional or professional perspectives, post-M&A legacy company cultures, generational, gender or other sensitivities so abrasion sharpens thinking, reduces blind spots and lifts creativity

  • Take-charge mind flips – how to approach setbacks, political sensitivities and moral dilemmas with a take-charge ennobling Level 5 mindset rather than a victimized Level 2 deer-in-headlights mindset

  • SCAMPER Inventive Thinking scenario-building, brainstorming and idea-selection and product/market fit refinement – to accelerate R&D, product launch, quality, change management and technology transformation success

  • Solution Search scrums – to find breakthrough solutions to vexing scientific, technical, supply chain, quality or business development hurdles

  • Lead-from-the-middle orchestration, SMART goal-setting and accountability tools – to hold diverse dispersed team members on belay, get traction and get support on an accelerated timeline and resource-constrained action plan

  • Our Value-Add simulation – to show team members how to take initiative, manage up and create a healthy inventive teamwork culture in your sphere of influence – rather than waiting for orders and decisions to trickle down, and how to get funded and get support when you need high-level sponsors to champion your efforts

  • Add-ons like 360-feedback, Individual Development Plans, Action Learning and Peer Coaching round-tables – that equip team leaders to take insights from the workshop and see how they, personally, can apply those insights to get traction on the business initiatives that they personally need to accelerate