PowerUP your impact + presence with Courage Pitch Prep

Break the grip of risk-averse foot-dragging

Call investors + buyers to action to get traction + get funded

What you get from the Courage SILVER-Level PitchPrep Programme

Lift your audience from a passive risk-averse stance to an engaged resonant active mindset…
ACTIFY energy + enthusiasm with radiance + presence
ALIGN interests with win/win/win intentions to win trust
OPEN dialogues to engage diverse skeptics + luminaries
AIM for success with an offer that delivers value + profit
BE READY when prospects say YES + start Due Diligence
Break the grip of risk-averse traps > Activate interest

What’s included in your Courage Pitch Prep Silver programme

1. Get feedback on your value proposition >   Upload your deck + supporting material. Profile your audience. See how to make your story even more compelling. Click >

2. Schedule your 75-minute pitch coaching session > Sharpen your presence, gravitas, engage-ment. Shift your audience from risk-averse to positive responses. Click >

3. Mobilize support. Upgrade, iterate, plan >  Use the feedback you receive, lift your presence + make the upgrades to get funded + strengthen your personal brand. Click >

Pitch Prep: A key part of every high-potential leadership program with Courage so entrepreneurs get funded and so corporate innovation leaders are ready to pitch their business case to investors, analysts, boards, capital committees and senior executives

Pitch Prep: 1:1 coaching or group workshops for 4-40 high-potential leaders

Silver PitchPrep includes a dress rehearsal, pitch-scrubbing to punch up your message and online tips to connect with KOLs in the audience. FREE if you’re presenting to certain VC or angel investment groups ($600 USD for others) Click to start >

Gold PitchPrep adds another rehearsal, to upgrade your delivery and presence, validate your upgrades and review your supporting materials so your whole package reinforces your credibility and value proposition

Platinum PitchPrep gets you ready to be funded after your first pitch piques interest. Improve your Due Diligence readiness – so investors, boards, buyers and analysts fast-track positive decisions and validate your growth potential, execution readiness and the assertions you made in your pitch