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Get the inside picture – before you take your next big career step – or before you double-down and bet your enterprise on key people-decisions

High-potential identification. Use the Hogan, KFALP, PowerUP Readiness and in-depth behaviour interviews to see if the key leader at the top of your promotion list truly has “the right stuff” to thrive in a bigger broader and more pressured fast-paced enterprise role.

360-feedback. Use our PowerUP 5, Benchmarks or your own corporate competencies/values to see how a leader impacts Level 5 thinking – up, down, across and with external partners and customers.

Personality, style or national culture awareness. Build self-awareness and get a deeper understanding of diverse sensitivities, decision-making and communication styles – including those that bring fresh perspectives but may rub you the wrong way.

Team culture – engagement – change-readiness – customer-focus – M&A-enthusiasm. Use Organizational Culture Inventories, the PowerUP 5, the Gallup 10, your questions, assessment centre simulations – or an assimilation workshop – to tell whether a key team sharpens, uplifts and multiplies their collective intelligence and will lift to Level 5 when you say, “Let’s pivot” or “Let’s do even better.”

With so much at risk — and so much to gain, if you make the right human capital decisions — let’s help you look below the surface, to see how key leaders think, take decisions, handle stress, overcome defensive traps — and what they’ll actually bring to your team.

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