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Hard hats and hard heads: Not an obstacle for 2 PowerUP innovators

"Before we wrote a single line of code or sketched our first product idea, we watched our buyers and users and saw their problems. We understood their frustrations - and saw what cost them time, money and misunderstandings. We understood how they worked and what they would and would not do with technology." That's what Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake told [...]

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You be the coach – with this Supply Chain Director

Case study: You be the coach - with this new Supply Chain Director   This post is a real-life case we faced - working with the Global Supply Chain Director in a global pharma R&D corporation. The client's identity is disguised, of course. But the facts are real. After reading the facts, you be the coach - and offer your suggestions to [...]

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PowerUP Brilliance™ Better faster leaner

Lean thinking to streamline work that does not add value - and find opportunities for revenue generation One of Merom's first consulting assignments, years before he ventured out and founded his own firm, was with a famous potato chip manufacturer in Central Pennsylvania.  Ask any Baby Boomer who grew up within a 4-hour radius of their factory and they’ll remember [...]

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