Dissatisfaction with “what is” & boundless optimism: PowerUP innovation leadership

One famous Shimon Peres quote - that didn't make it into his autobiography - declared that nagging dissatisfaction is Israel's greatest natural resource. People would chuckle when Shimon made this declaration, speaking about innovation leadership at an international conferences like BioMed. Anyone who's lived in Israel knows that we're a country of chronic critics. We're always looking for a better way, a better deal, [...]

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PowerUP adoption

Paying customers. Avid users. Devoted followers. Outspoken promoters. Nothing else is as important to succeed — whether you're a scrappy start-up or a giant like Apple, Sanofi or EPIC. To shift late adopters from naysaying and worst-case scenario-building to "can-do" possibility thinking. So they don't just see what your innovation can do for them -- but don't see how to live without the breakthroughs you [...]

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PowerUP your pitch

Are investors wow'd by your value proposition and unfair competitive advantage? "In fewer than 20 words," we ask presenters, "what's the ONE key message you want investors to remember about your pitch - that will call them to action?" Try it. See if you're clear - and if the take-away is enough of a WOW! to compete for share of [...]

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Gameification to PowerUP Brilliance™

To make learning fun, turn it into a game - and put it to work There's a classic joke. In Philadelphia, someone asks, "How do I get to the Academy of Music on Broad Street?" The answer: "Practice." In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell shows that raw talent and insight are not enough. There are no shortcuts. It takes 10,000 [...]

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Conflict – bring it on!

Will you have enough conflict - so your Big Idea becomes a commercial diamond? If you trade in innovation, you know the odds. Fewer than 20% get adequate funding. Fewer than that get launched. When you ask about the failures, you hear about product flaws and a lack of market traction. You have to probe deeper to see why really [...]

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PowerUP Brilliance™ Profit from G&A

Take a G&A function — like yours With courage to PowerUP Brilliance™, you can transform your G&A function from overhead to a profit generator. You can be a voice of conscience and an advocate for adherence that says, "Yes, can-do" and finds breakthrough possibilities — rather than "No way" or "That's unreasonable." For example: A Marketing group projected a contribution [...]

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PowerUP post-M&A >> wealth creation

Will your M&A be one of the 30% that creates wealth? Just because a business model looks good on paper, that doesn't mean real people will do "whatever it takes" to bring it to life as scripted. Or that they will deliver blockbuster value. If you are a C-suite leader whose wealth depends upon a rising stock valuation and a [...]

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