Rookie Courage – When the stakes are too high to Go Along + Get Along, MAKE COURAGE CONTAGIOUS

Each chapter of our new book, MAKE COURAGE CONTAGIOUS, presents a moment of truth when leaders feel the pull of gravity pulling them down - and when it takes courage to defy gravity and lift their fortunes to a higher level of ethics, threat-mitigation, profit and wealth-creation. We ask what would you do, faced with a similar moment of truth? [...]

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MAKE COURAGE CONTAGIOUS: Seize the moment to PowerUP your imagination, empathy and activism

At age 87, here's what Jane Elliot says about her Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes sensitization exercise, which she first delivered to her 3rd grade public school students in Iowa and then to prison workers, police officers, business leaders and anyone else who needs to understand what it feels to live with the yoke of racism, treated as a low-potential subordinate, worthy [...]

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MAKE COURAGE CONTAGIOUS to get your voice heard

MAKE COURAGE CONTAGIOUS To Get Your Voice Heard When You See A Truth That Others Prefer to Ignore "If you see something, say something." How many thousand times have you seen that sign? Saying something could be material to everyone's life and well-being. Especially when you're a luminary who has science and logic on your side. But it may not make [...]

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Lead to keep your team connected – so social distance doesn’t keep you apart

"I don't like cameras." "I don't have high-speed bandwidth." "I'm in the dark because I'm still wearing pyjamas." "I didn't get the log-in." "I have an old laptop (or a new laptop) and haven't activated the camera." "My computer is in a dock." "I'm not good with technology." "I don't like the program my company or its strategic partners use [...]

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Why are we so woefully bad at critical thinking – and how Courage can fix it

Why are we so woefully bad at critical thinking? That's the question that was discussed at a Philadelphia Alliance for Capital + Technology (PACT) human capital symposium on the 07th Dec 2019. New research replicated the findings we saw reported by IBM and Deloitte a decade ago - that corporate executives and venture capitalists are fed up with sloppy business [...]

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EnQ: 5 Success Factors that Power UP Entrepreneurial Success

This article was published first by Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic/SouthEast as part of their investor education initiative.   Growth entrepreneurs have the Courage to optimize wealth-creation and make a big bold difference. They’ll pivot away from their pet project or artistic interest if an adjacent market looks like a better, faster and less risky way to generate a return for themselves [...]

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In a bold culture, courageous leaders have a soft spot…

…to take risks for each other - not overpower each other Leaders with a healthy EnQ look past zero-sums disputes over budget allocations, egos, power and hegemony - and get factions to find the optimal win/win/win solutions, not political compromises and the easy but flawed solutions. It may seem strange to include trust, altruism and a “giver” (rather than “taker”) [...]

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Free your team from risk-averse traps + cross the bridge to entrepreneurial thinking – with serious fun + Courage.

Risk-averse traps are hard-wired into human nature according to research by Israeli Nobel Prize behavioral economists and North American business psychologists. Most of us prefer to see the world through our own lenses, fulfill our self-interests and ignore diverse colleagues who rub us the wrong way. Most of us seek harmony and approval rather than being the nail who sticks [...]

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What to look for in a coach: 10 keys to a successful courage-building partnership

It's time to look for a coach when success is more elusive than you hoped, when stress and frustration are sapping your energy and making you more prickly than you know you should be, or when the supporters you need to mobilize are getting stuck in risk-averse traps and aren't stepping up with the urgency, initiative and inventive thinking you [...]

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