PowerUP your executive presence, impact and Encourage Quotient (EnQ) – to get funded, get support, get traction + get ahead

PowerUP a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, inventive thinking and high-EnQ every time you bring a team together

Get traction right away – with GroupMind e-learning to keep yourself + your colleagues on track > 

1. AIM. Start with your aspirations in mind – and quick wins you can achieve right away. With e-learning, look ahead + see how to …
• THRIVE (with joy, EnQ + poise under VUCA pressure or adversity),
• INVENT (when technical or bizdev obstacles need creative solutions),
• EXPAND (your influence, reach, diversity-savvy when you pitch proposals or mobilize matrix teams and strategic partners), and
• PROFIT (with business acumen, revenue and value-creation)

2. ASK. Get feedback and build your Individual Development Plan with…
Self-awareness – strengths that make you a wise investment
Peripheral vision – with 360 feedback on how you mobilize support
Product/market fit – with voice of customer/user/payer intelligence
Matrix mapping to see where you should boost inventive thinking
SMART goals 
to commit to real steps forward, not just big dreams

3. ADHERE to best-practice matrix mobilization tools for…
Accountability – hand-offs, check-ins, KPIs and heartfelt recognition
Asynchronous collaboration – so your supporters share ideas and sharpen each other’s inventive thinking before getting together
Talent + resource recruitment – to architect your venture for growth
A predictable revenue pipeline – to accelerate support with investors, internal matrix partners, outside collaborators, buyers
A solid biz case – to get funded and get support


4. ACTIFY with uplifting energizing enCouraging presence to…
Lead from the middle, reach out + mobilize the right people
• Energize diverse perspectives,  backgrounds, professions and personalities who respond to VUCA pressures in diverse ways
Replace risk-averse traps with inventive thinking
Pitch prep to inspire, uplift + call to action
Empower and entrust with accountability
Show up and lean in with presence, joy, emotional courage

5. ALIGN with Courage-building solution-seeking to…
Wrestle down key issues with high EnQ
• Mediate + bridge diverse interests, backgrounds, professions + personalities to round out the whole picture
• Use creative abrasion to sharpen value propositions + risk mitigation
Replace risk-averse traps with inventive thinking
Bring parties together with win/win/win intentions
Make egos, parties + silos subservient to full value-creation


Courage EnQ Coaching can be unbundled to give you only what you need…
• 1:1 coaching consultations – in-person and remote
• Pitch prep – to win support for funding + revenue
• Online learning modules
• Assessments + 360-feedback
• Team mobilization and inventive thinking workshops
• Leveraging our rolodex and networks (for fundraising)
• Peer review and advisory board feedback
• Matrix maps and mobilization tools
• Integration with your enterprise’s stage-gate and innovation portfolio tools – and with Core Values and leadership competencies
• Serious fun and joy – to get traction with a >300% ROI

Courage uses business psychology to PowerUP Brilliance™ with …

Executive coaching Print Accelerated on-boarding Print Due diligence Print Accountability and performance management Print Pitch doctor design & rehearsal Print 360-feedback and individual development plans Print Diversity dialogues™ Print Mindfulness for a cool head under pressure Print Assess career options Print High-impact leadership or board workshop

Print Executive coaching.

Get ready for a pivotal meeting – or contract for 6-8 months of behind-the-scenes shadow consulting and fly-on-the-wall support as you take charge of a new business unit, step up to a new promotion or PowerUP Brilliance™ and lift an old team to new heights.

Print Accelerated on-boarding.

Get to know “who’s who” in your team in an accelerated way – and let them know your expectations, decision-making and communication rhythms before there’s a missed hand-off or a faux pas. A single half-day on-boarding workshop can get you and your new team to mesh faster – or an assessment, feedback and talent review can help you deploy the right players to the right assignments.

Print Due diligence.

Before you hire the next key leader or make a strategic acquisition, find out if they have the right stuff to step up, drive value and create the wealth you envision. Before you bring them into your team, find out if they will PowerUP the culture or create defensive traps for other groups who depend on them for support. With business psychology, you can find out “what makes a leader tick” and how they will respond before they are tested by real adversities, conflicts or pressures.

Print Accountability and performance management.

Establish performance metrics and raise the bar to stay ahead of the competition – to hold your team accountable, recognize achievements and flag vexing obstacles that need “SWAT-team” problem-solving. Upgrade your rhythm of performance check-ins and portfolio reviews to get more from less capital. Design a system of 1:1 updates, ad-hoc pre-crisis briefings, round-robin Steering Team updates and posted-performance dashboards that give you the right performance data in the right intervals to optimize profits.

Print Pitch doctor – design and rehearse for maximum impact.

Presenting your innovation to outside investors, alliance partners or to your own board or corporate portfolio committee? Use business psychology to understand what will WOW and WOO your audience and get you the traction and support that you need.

Print 360-feedback and individual development plans.

If you need to know what impact you are actually making or what habits affect your credibility, Courage can assist you with a leadership impact analysis. We can help you use th data to be more effective with your Board, investors or senior management — and to reach out to colleagues in other cultures and to direct reports who need to PowerUP Brilliance™ and do more faster better in your own department or business unit.

Print Diversity dialogues™ – to get past we/they so all sides work together

Finding it hard to get different personalities, nationalities, generations, professions or genders to mesh? Behind-the-scenes shadow consulting can make you a more effective mediator, when you bring multiple factions together. Or, a workshop for two individuals or 3-4 interdependent work teams can bring the sides together, unlock their potential and equip them to sharpen up each others’ thinking and PowerUP Brilliance™.

Print Mindfulness for a cool head under pressure

Convert anxiety to excitement and pressure to passion. Quiet the noise and the politics to tell valid feedback from noise. Maintain your poise and composure so fear creates urgency rather than panic. No matter where you sit in the formal hierarchy, you have the power to set the tone – if you know how to look within, step in and reach out.

Print Assess your career options.

Offered a promotion that will change your lifestyle – or ask you to be an executive or salesperson rather than a master craftsperson? Company acquired or downsized and figuring out what’s next? In a few 60-minute sessions, Courage can assist you to set priorities and point your compass toward True North. And can show you how to upgrade your CV, LinkedIn profile, networking and self-presentation skills to be a magnet that pulls in the right opportunity.

Print High-impact board or leadership workshop.

Mobilize your team and call them to action with new skills that PowerUP Brilliance™ – reshape the culture to win new customers, get the most from new collaborations, debug product development or regulatory strategies. In a few half-day modules – that can be combined for a hands-on, high-impact learn-by-doing workshop – we can show your leadership team how to escape the 11 defensive traps and turn adversity into a trigger for creativity, upgrades and inspiration.