Courage to be coachable. Or not. What we can learn from Carson’s departure.

Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Reports say that coach after coach tried to advise Carson how to adjust his footwork, his downfield gaze, his timing. But, under pressure, he'd revert to the moves that were deep-coded into his muscle memory. Play after play, game after game, same moves, same [...]

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Telling truth to power: What Anthony Fauci can teach about Making Courage Contagious

Anthony Fauci was awarded Israel's Dan David prize, valued @ $1 million, for speaking truth to power. "He's the consummate model of leadership and impact in public health," the awards committee, affiliated with Tel Aviv University, said in their statement, which recognized Fauci for "courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition.” What can we learn from Fauci's leadership [...]

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Zoom meetings are easier. The snacks are better. But it takes more courage to get traction. Here’s how

It's easier than ever to get the right people together in the same room. Presto, with a click - and no flights, no jet-lag, no ride-shares, not even an elevator ride - you're face-to-face. And the snacks are better than the office or conference centre - since you can grab something from your own fridge or teapot, before jumping on [...]

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One last time, Coach passed the torch to us – to make courage contagious

Temple University Basketball Coach John Chaney (z"l), who passed at age 89, met adversity head-on, without sugar-coating the truth or blunting its sharp edges. As an educator, as well as a basketball coach, he taught his players how to meet adversity head-on as well. He ennobled, uplifted, cajoled, encouraged his players to achieve their full potential, on and off the [...]

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If you build it, will they come? Not without courage

“If you build it, they will come” is a great movie line. But real life isn't a field of dreams. Real-life customers, investors and channel partners need Courage to invest time going off the beaten path to consider a compelling business case, solid science and engineering. With courage, they'll consider buying, subscribing, investing, adopting - putting their well-being, their livelihood, [...]

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Another departed hero and overdue lesson. Thanks, Dick Allen. RIP, #15.

Dick Allen's (z"l) passing takes me back to Connie Mack Stadium watching games with my grandfather. When Dick Allen got razzed by Phillies fans, in a style that only Philadelphia fans can dish out, my grandfather was outraged. I couldn't tell what my grandfather was saying when he chose to be an upstander, rather than a bystander, and shook his [...]

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When adversity hits, how have you equipped your leaders to respond?

If some of your leaders take initiative while others freeze, grumble and wait @ Level 2 for directions, you've got a courage gap to close. Courage gaps are expensive, even if you can't see what they're costing. And the inclusion part of diversityandinclusion can't pay the dividends you want - unless you bring everyone to Levels 5-4-3 with you. That's [...]

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Yes, agility can be taught and learned – with courage to own your power, not wishing you could wish it away

Which type of enterprise performs better in turbulent conditions like the ones we've seen in this year of COVID-19? Does the advantage go to a disciplined chain of command, where directions get followed, orders get executed, and where lieutenants wait for decisions from top management or permission from their board before going further than what they were directed to do, [...]

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Leadership development, courage, diversity: Now more than ever

On the eve of Remembrance Day (in Canada) and Veterans Day in the US, when we thank those who served for protecting our security and freedom, there are two competing narratives defining last week's US election. One narrative speaks of principle, inclusion, respect, civility and seeks cooperation in a search for better solutions. It advocates understanding and respect for science, [...]

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“We are destined to live with one another so we have to stop trying to get the better of each other.”​

What kind of courage do you show - when your side faces off against another side, who has a history of pushing back or profiting at your expense? Do you Puff Up, defend your interests and push to work around your antagonists or get the better of them? Or do you PowerUP both your antagonists and your supporters - so [...]

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