Which of these 12 Danger Signs do you see in your enterprise?

Imagine how much more you can achieve if innovation leaders lift their teams – customers – investors – alliance partners out of traffic snarls and cliffhangers – with Courage to PowerUP Level 5 initiative – accountability – creativity – brilliance – wealth-creation:

  1. Are margins soft because commercial teams fill orders and say, “Yes” to price concessions and scope creep – and lack Courage to up-sell, deliver value and propose what your buyers and users really need, not just what they request?

  2. Do too many of your pitches deliver less capital, go-ahead decisions or support than you hoped to create wealth – because investors, boards, buyers or other audiences don’t have Courage to take the risk and support the possibilities you see?

  3. Is creative work delegated upward and trapped in hierarchies – driving up the cost and time of a solution – because smart high-potential teammates lack the Courage to put forward  bold inventive forward-looking proposals rather than asking, “What do you want us to do?”

  4. Do innovations lack lustre because teams shy away from bold disruptive game-changing breakthroughs – or lack Courage to ask tough questions and read the market?

  5. Do problems surprise you and require damage-control — because smart principled ambitious people lacked Courage to speak out or the influence to make themselves heard?

  6. Do experts from Quality, Marketing, Regulatory, Supply Chain, HR or other disciplines find it hard to get their advice to stick – incurring rework, costs, fines, delays, concessions or defections that could be prevented, if they had Courage to make a bigger bolder enterprise contribution?

  7. Do enterprise-vital decisions get sidetracked by power-plays or political struggles and get resolved with compromises that sub-optimise profit and weaken your brand – because of a lack of Courage to say, “Let’s bridge differences and work together.”

  8. Does diversity create noise and contention – instead of bringing Courage to use diverse perspectives, sharpen up thinking, solve complex problems and succeed in new or foreign markets?

  9. Do too many high-potentials hide in the matrix or retreat into their silos – with Courage to reach out, mobilize and orchestrate cross-functional, cross-line of business partners?

  10. Are too few high-potentials ready for promotion — to shape new strategies, enter new markets, integrate acquisitions, scale quickly or provide back-up and rapid succession?

  11. Are hiring or promotion standards compromised because you do not win the war for talent or do not make good valid predictions about how a candidate will actually perform in key jobs?

  12. Do you earn less than a 3X ROI from innovation leadership training, culture-shaping or scrums, retreats or coaching?

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Do your leaders build Courage to power supporters through heavy traffic, blind curves, fog  and night driving? So they find better faster paths to success and wealth-creation

It’s a choice leaders face – at each confusing or tough intersection. Your leaders can cushion the blows, solve the problems, iron out the conflicts – and ENABLE teams to feel secure protected siloed entitled rewarded, no matter what their business unit achieves.

PowerUP Leaders build Courage – and ENNOBLE teams to meet new demands with initiative – sharpened thinking ingenuity – collaboration – urgency – presence – fluid, not fixed, authority. Positive can-do business psychology. Even in uncertain, volatile, competitive business conditions.

From decades of research – we see how PowerUP Leaders take 5 steps to ennoble their teams to outperform conditions, market trends or known solutions.  To transform adversity into opportunity, fear into excitement, paralysis into urgency, blind curves and defensive traps into new discoveries and possibilities. They…

Print AIM high — optimize value for users and payers, create wealth, achieve PURPOSE

Print ALIGN interests — build trust to partner, RISK for mutual gain, share resources, enlarge opportunities

Print ASK inquisitively — open CANDOUR, feedback, ideas, influence, inquiry

Print ANALYZE plans — connect, co-ordinate, upgrade and adhere to RIGOUR

Print ACTIFY passion — ignite WILL urgency, optimism, passion, inspire

With our PowerUP Assessment – you’ll see whether your leaders have the right stuff to ennoble, not enable, and transform Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Adversity into opportunity for wealth-creation. And whether they choose to AIM high, ALIGN with trust, ASK inquisitively, ACTIFY passion and ANALYZE plans.

After the assessment, we invite you to ask about building the PowerUP steps into your leaders’ toolkit. So your leaders overcome defensive traps and accelerate your bizdev or innovation leadership success.

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Print AIM high – Point your compass North to fulfill your PURPOSE

In our very first consultation, we will ask, “What is your next pinnacle of success?” “Why?” and “Why now?”

Then we will challenge you to present this value proposition in a few minutes or less — as if you were enticing a real board member, buyer or user to sit up, take notice and pay attention.

Whether you are a corporate leader mobilizing colleagues to join your matrix team, a CEO seeking board support, an innovator asking skeptics to consider a novel counter-intuitive breakthrough — “WHY?” will be the first question in your partner’s mind. They’ll want a cause to believe in – and a personal benefit to do well by doing good.

If your answers are compelling, we’re ready to move forward. If not, we’ll help you refine your value proposition with…

  • An inspirational and motivational Call-to-Action – to kick off your innovation or transformation initiative with positive expectations and a revitalized innovation culture
  • Pitch scrubbing and rehearsal — to WOW investors with your value proposition
  • “Voice of the customer” feedback and sharpening — to match your value proposition with your buyers’ and users’ pain-points
  • Competitive intelligence — to see whether your value proposition is Awesome and Audacious or merely Average or Adequate
  • Planning and goal-setting — with SMART goals to monetize your innovation, M&A integration, collaboration or upgrade, for your buyers, users, collaborators and investors

Print  ALIGN interests – Look South to build trust so partners RISK to 

After your success trajectory is set and your compass calibrated to True North, we look South and map the support you need – from investors, buyers, users, builders, implementers and advisors.

Innovation is not a solo effort and is not a spectator event. It takes a team of active engaged creative resilient partners to overcome technical or scientific hurdles, barriers to adoption and deal with cost and time constraints with brilliance – creativity – initiative.

If you already have the entire team you need – onboard, engaged, committed to champion the cause – we’re ready to mobilize them for creative generative can-do possibility-thinking.  If not, we’ll help you round out your team with…

  • Onboarding for new recruits or new post-M&A or alliance partners
  • Diversity dialogues to overcome defensive traps like silo myopia, win/lose glory-grabbing or bias against novelty – and decode personality, cultural, generational and cross-discipline differences, so you get the most from diverse perspectives
  • Recruitment to hire big and get the brainpower you need – from inside your own corporate matrix, your alliance partners or from external sources
  • Mutual contracting — with SMART goals that align interests

Print ASK inquisitively – Look Deep to open CANDOUR 

Innovation rarely, if ever, succeeds with the very first idea – or the easy intuitive obvious suggestion. Diverse interests and conflicting perspectives can save the expense of trouble-shooting, retro-fitting, recalls or adverse events — if they are invited with transparency and full disclosure, data-driven decision-making deliberation and problem-solving.

If you have the right forums, information sharing, performance metrics and benchmarks in place – we’re ready to get the team fully engaged and committed to a concrete plan.  If not, we’ll help you assess potential and wrestle down key issues with…

  • Online asynchronous collaboration tools – so the right experts can weigh in with the right data before you come together for live collaboration
  • Advisory and reactor panels – conducted live or via video-conference – to test assumptions, calibrate possibilities, identify key technical and adoption hurdles
  • 360-feedback and individual development plans – so high-potential leaders can optimize their impact, credibility, mobilization and culture-shaping effectiveness
  • Innovation-readiness – to double-star the champions who are poised to do whatever it takes and the fearful reluctant holdouts who could slow your efforts
  • Due diligence for investors to assess the strengths – assets – accomplishments of human capital before you agree to terms for a capital raise, M&A or before you hire new talent into your leadership team

Print ANALYZE possibilities and connections – Look West with RIGOUR to formulate and pressure-fest plans

Most business psychology says, “Here’s our insight. Now it’s yours. Good luck.” We know that’s not enough to expand your range of motion, master new skills, hold diverse and complex matrix teams on belay and adhere to timelines, budgets and regulatory requirements.

Each Courage assignment gives your high-potential leaders…

  • A step-by-step action plan – which they can refine, iterate and update online, using our GroupMind Express platform
  • Check-points, just-in-time rehearsals and skill-building, reactor panels and governance structures – to keep them on track, aligned and using the PURPOSE as a compass point North
  • Communication rhythms and remote-presence huddles using our Adobe Connect platform or your own corporate video-conferencing platform
  • The tools to build a mobilization map – showing what support they need from whom in what sequence, to deliver WOW innovations and WOO buyers and users so they accelerate adoption
  • Realtime, in-action coaches to keep defensive barriers at bay, accelerate progress PowerUP Brilliance™
  • Peer coaches or advisors from your EPMO, HRBPs, your C-suite or Accelerator to stay imbedded and keep your innovation team on belay
  • Rewards, performance metrics, accountabilities, balanced scorecards — with SMART goals to see how your innovation culture is progressing, how leaders PowerUP Brilliance™ and how those behavioural improvements drive revenue, control costs and enhance your contribution margins
  • Bottom line, enriching your enterprise, building an asset that you and your high-potentials can monetize, earning you a best-in-class or first-in-class reputation

Print ACTIFY passion, energy and renew WILL – Look East to ignite the optimistic spirit of springtime

Optimism, hope, passion, enthusiasm. When the going got tough for commercial groups or engineering teams, a can-do look-forward, all-in-it-together spirit differentiated the high-performers from those who got stuck.

If you already have a high level of engagement – in cross-functional matrix teams and alliance collaborations, as well as your own department or business unit – we can move right into creative problem-solving, timelines, assignments and accountabilities. If not, we’ll help you shape the right team culture with…

  • Executive coaching – so CEOs and business unit General Managers can get partners working together to PowerUP Brilliance™ rather than adjudicating or mediating disputes
  • Workshops for thought-leaders in advisory roles (like Quality, Safety, Marketing, Finance, Regulatory, HR, PM, Supply Chain) to boost revenues, margins, drive adoption and mitigate exposures and risks
  • Gameification and hands-on practice – making it fun for your leaders to find new possibilities, embrace new challenges, overcome headwind, convert daunting goals into energising adventures
  • Sales effectiveness that equips account or commercial leaders to mobilize a team and find champions who can shift buyers and users from “living with the pain” to “taking action – with you – to alleviate the pain”
  • Skill-building in ennobling uplifting leadership – to replace defensive thinking traps of individuals and in teams who are stuck in groupthink, hierarchy traps, regression toward average with a more forward-looking perspective

If you are ready to start the dialogue now, you can PowerUP and achieve results in 63 days — and can make results stick in 63 weeks.  To start now, contact us @ info@courageadvisors.com