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See PowerUP Brilliance Book @ AmazonThe book – PowerUP Brilliance: Lead from the Middle with Courage

by Merom Klein PhD and Louise Yochee Klein PsyD. A practical guidebook about business leaders for business leaders — how to PowerUP Brilliance when you lead from the middle and mobilize teams in matrix structures and cross-functional innovation initiatives. How to use the PowerUP 5 Formula to overcome fear and complacency when you face adversity, ambiguity or the bias against creativity. How to ennoble teams to reach higher and dream larger when what got you here will not get you to the next pinnacle of success.
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See Courage to Act Book @ AmazonThe book – Courage to Act with Prof Rod Napier

by Dr Merom Klein and Professor Rod Napier. The Courage to Act, published by Nicholas-Breeley in the UK and USA, describes the 5 Courage Activators — a 5-step roadmap that business leaders can apply to lift teams above fear and reluctance. When matrix structures and audacious goals stretch teammates beyond their comfort zones, and when leaders face conflict-prone realities in conflict-adverse systems, the 5 Courage Activators equip them to flip the switch on brilliance, initiative, empowerment, accountability and strategy-execution. Our first book OnCourage takes you through the 5 activators, one at a time, and shows you how to strengthen each one.
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Download Executive Summary - PowerUP Brilliance™Executive Summary: How Your C-Suite Can PowerUP Brilliance
For the C-suite — what does it take to PowerUP Brilliance™ and empower, ennoble, uplift and equip high-potentials to step up and lead from the middle? How can you get Department Heads, Business Unit Managing Directors and Task Force Orchestrators to take charge, sound off, reach out and show their brilliance? How can you instill accountability and provide air cover and support — in a way that builds Courage to lead from the middle?
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Program description: PowerUP Innovation Leadership workshop
Equip high-potential leaders in your sales or engineering team, your G&A function or post-M&A integration team to overcome defensive traps and PowerUP creativity – initiative – wealth-creation – foresight – strategy execution. Action learning creates a once-in-a-career breakthrough development experience with a rapid ROI.
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Download White Paper: Stay the Course toward Wealth Creation: Post M&A Advisory ServicesWhite paper: Stay the Course Toward Wealth: Post-M&A Advisory Services
70% of all mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver the full value promised to investors, say recent studies. Most of the time, it’s because the people failed to come together in a way with a culture that PowersUP Brilliance™. This 3-step plan equips C-level executives to give leaders the Courage they need to PowerUP Brilliance™, get past “we/they” politics, cut through the noise, deliver value and stay the course toward wealth creation.
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Download How leaders build Courage to PowerUP Brilliance™ (Mobius White Paper)Mobius Leadership article on PowerUP Brilliance for breakthrough solutions.
To conserve energy, we need lightbulbs with luminous efficiency – to emit brilliance with little power and little residual heat. We also need teams with luminous efficiency – to illuminate ever tougher and more complex opportunities with less push from the top-down and less noise and heat. Here’s how courage build courage to drive breakthrough solutions with luminous efficiency.
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Download Seeds: How High is WOW (PowerUP Brilliance™ White Paper)White paper: Seeds: How high is WOW to PowerUP Brilliance
What we can learn about A-level success, from a Chinese children’s folk-tale about choosing an heir to the throne. What is Brilliance when “just following orders” is not enough to achieve the results that will make you a star? How does adherence help, because we can’t all go rogue – and when do we need to think out of the box and experiment with disruptive breakthrough possibilities?
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Download Profit from training to PowerUP Brilliance™!Program description: Profit from training to PowerUP Brilliance!
A description of action learning in Leadership Development – because getting the content right is not enough, unless the leaders you train actually USE that content and APPLY it to ACHIEVE the ROIC that you expect. How to build a blended learning platform that makes the most of E/M-learning, assessments, idea blogs and peer coaching trios – with high-impact learn by doing simulation workshops that do more than show and tell – by encoding new skills into your leaders’ repertoire in a fluid automatic way.
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courage2lead-possibilityoverfear_pageProgram description slideshow: Team workshop on Possibility thinking
How do you stay on top of your game when you are asked to solve problems that no one has ever tackled before — and when the future and your job security are uncertain?
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courage-peopledmtplateau_pageWhite paper: Uplift and ennoble a top performer who has plateaued
What do you say to a key performer who is afraid or reluctant to lift his or her game? Who is a high producer, but at the expense of being a high-maintenance or disruptive team player? Who has reached an inflection point – that once was effective, but now is limiting the enterprise’s ability to scale up, adapt to new requirements, take on new thought-leadership and lift its game. How do you sound the call and encourage and ennoble this key performer to learn, adapt and grow?
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courage2stepupWhite paper: Step up. Speak up. Make a difference
In cross-functional teams, it is tempting to keep your head below the parapets and avoid the hot-seat. When sparks fly and differences seem irreconcilable, it is tempting to look upward for direction or adjudication rather than taking a stand, stepping up and asserting your own ideas. When the bias against creativity is real and the nail that sticks out gets hammered down, how are luminaries supposed to let their Brilliance shine? This white paper shows how to kindle the Courage to PowerUP Brilliance™ in yourself and the teams you lead — to advance your project, your enterprise, your career. Click to download >>

Bystanders among us -- stepping up from passivity to courageBystanders among us — stepping up from passivity to courage
An article about the courage to get involved, wrestle down tough issues and say, “Houston, we have a problem,” before the risks blow up in your organization’s face — or become so obvious that everyone is mobilized. We thank our friend, Robert Shaw, for permission to share this article, which he co-authored with Mark Gerstein, published in People & Strategy, Issue 1.
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